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Black walnut liqueur

One of the Oldest Spirits in the World

The recipe for this traditional Italian Liqueur dates back past the Roman Empire to Pict Druids thousands of years ago. One of our favorite spirits, this hand made liqueur has stuck around for a very good reason. It is very delicious.  

  • Great neat or in cocktails

  • Made from fresh green walnuts 

  • Barrel Rested

  • All natural coloring

  • Gluten-free & vegan

This Nocino Walnut Liqueur is part of our historic series of Italian Amari and has some seriously deep history. The rich black color comes directly from the fresh green walnuts that give it its lovely deep flavor. A bit of lemon, coffee, cinnamon, and clove round it out making a truly magical liqueur. Our favorite way to drink it is neat by a campfire, but it works very well in cocktails with aged spirits. 

Most people associate Nocino with the Italian tradition surrounding it's annual creation as part of St. John's day on June 24. While this tradition is alive and well in Italy today, the spirit's origin can be traced back through the Roman Empire's conquest of modern Britain where they came in contact with the Celt's and their traditional walnut drink. It's origin is attributed to Pict Druid who imbibed this special concoction to commune with mystical beings around the Summer Solstice, June 24. The Romans carried on this tradition and eventually assigned Christian meaning to it as a sway of warding off witches on their way to their annual congress. Now there's something to think bout the next time you're sipping it by the fire. You can read more about the history of Nocino here

Our Nocino is a seasonal release since it can only be produced once a year when the green young walnuts are ready to be harvested, usually about June 24. 

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