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American Whiskey

Georgia's Lost Whiskey 

Our American whiskey seeks to unearth what may have been the Georgia whiskey of old.  Smooth and delicious, it is not to be missed while it lasts.

  • Awarded Gold Medal at the 2024 ACSA Spirits Judging

  • High corn mash bill with a rye finish

  • Aged in used cooperage for 6 years

  • Madeira barrel finished

  • Small batch blending process

  • Non-chill filtered and no color added

Limited Edition 

Cask Strength Bottling

Looking for a little more spice in your life?

Try the 120 Proof Cask Strength Heirloom

- Very Limited Availability

- Tasting Room Only

Have it in a cocktail.

American Whiskey

Our Heirloom whiskey has been crafted to celebrate the once diverse and thriving industry of farmstead distillers that serviced thirsty Georgians statewide. Two or even three hundred years ago, making spirits for their local communities, these farmstead distillers used what grains they could spare and legal whiskey categories like "bourbon" did not yet exist.  These distillers handed down their whiskey traditions like heirloom seeds from the garden, one generation to the next. Great whiskey didn't need new barrels or northern barley; just the right touch from a seasoned distiller.

Heirloom is embodied by 6 year old high corn whiskey aged in used cooperage which is then blended with a small amount of high rye whiskey since distillers would have used malted rye as their mash conversion grain rather than malted barley. The blend is then finished in a French Oak  Madeira barrel since this would have been the nicest barrel available in the South at the time.


The result is a bright and seriously smooth whiskey that allows the grains to move forward, not hidden by deep layers of oak. Notes of stone fruit, popcorn, cotton candy, caramel, and cinnamon dance across your pallet with notes of cellar in the finish. Delightful to both new whiskey initiates and seasoned connoisseurs. 

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