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Southland American Gin

While developing our proprietary recipe for an authentically Georgian gin, we were inspired by the delicate gins of coastal Spain. Enjoying a similar climate to Georgia, Spain's most loved spirit led the way to our own regional specialty. Our unique botanical blend utilizes 10 herbs, spices, and fruits that readily grow throughout our state.  The result is a crisp, savory, juniper forward gin with notes of garden herbs to freshen up your favorite classic cocktails.

Our Southland Gin comes in two profiles, our standard 86 proof (43% abv) variety and our famous Navy Strength edition, weighing in at 114 proof (57% abv). The Navy Strength is especially good in cocktails where you want the gin profile to stand up to stronger mixing ingredients, such as in many tiki drinks. 

Each batch is lovingly made  by our small staff in Macon, Georgia and, like all of our products, each bottle helps plant an endangered longleaf pine. 


Georgia's New Gin

Like a misty morning in a forest of longleaf pine, our Southland American Gin feels like home. A blend of familiar botanicals on a soft bed of wheat makes for a lovely drink no matter how you fashion it. On top of that, we plant a tree for every bottle we sell.

  • Made in the heart of Georgia

  • 5 Time Distilled

  • No Artificial Flavors

  • Gluten Free, Vegan

  • Awarded a 93 Point score by Wine Enthusiast

Have it in a cocktail

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