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Alpine Liqueur

We let the centuries long French tradition of alpine liqueur making take the lead in this vibrant and refreshing classic liqueur.  Our secret blend of herbs, spices, and flowers delicately distilled through our traditional alembic pot still create a beautiful spirit with tea, peppermint, and anise notes taking center stage.  Enjoy it chilled neat or in classic cocktails like the Last Word, Zombie, Sunbeam, or a new classic, the Midnight Dew.


Alpine Liqueur

Your search for the perfect cocktail spirit is over

It checks every box

  • Luscious herbal and minty flavor

  • 55% abv for flavor forward cocktails

  • Craft distilled through a traditional copper alembic still

  • All natural flavor from herbs and spices

  • All natural color from hand picked flowers

  • Made in Georgia

  • In-stock and available now!

Have it in a cocktail.

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