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Liqueur of Life

a spirit risen from the grave

Inspired by the deep amaro traditions of old Italy, this liqueur is truly unlike any other in the world.  Salvaged from a lost recipe not made in centuries, the lovely tea like notes come from the lemongrass with light floral notes of rose petals and rich cinnamon spice. 

  • Great neat or in cocktails 

  • All natural botanicals

  • No artificial colors or flavors

  • Gluten-free & vegan

  • Historic Spirit Series

A spirit nearly lost to history, the origins of this unique elixir are largely unknown. Likely originating in Northern Italy, it was inspired by a list of ingredients found in an obscure Italian book for distillers. A fairly simple amaro, it combines 8 different herbs and spices into a soothingly rich tincture that is well balanced between sweet and bitter. 

While originally intended to be served neat, it is fantastic with a little lemon and soda water. Looking for something a bit more unique? Try one of these craft cocktails developed in our tasting room. 

Cocktail Recipes

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