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A Spirit Like No Other

Inspired by the deep amaro traditions of old Italy, this liqueur is truly unlike any other in the world. It's flavor profile runs the gamut of savory, sweet, spicey, floral, and rooty making it surprisingly flexible when mixing never before seen cocktails. The lovely blue color of the butterfly pea flower makes it all the more fun to drink. 

  • 5x distilled 

  • All natural botanicals

  • All natural coloring

  • Gluten-free & vegan

  • Distillery Tasting Room Exclusive

Largely lost to history, the origins of this unique spirit go back to the small town of Alba in Northern Italy, dating back centuries to when each town had a signature spirit. Inspired by a list of ingredients found in an obscure Italian book for distillers, this amaro is made even more unique in that it is distilled rather than macerated, giving it a more refined flavor profile. Combining over 17 different botanicals including blessed thistle, ginger, cumin, citrus peels, wormwood, and various flowers, the spirit is rightfully complex. 

Will and Hunter make this spirit in-house on our copper alembic pot still in micro batches just like distillers of old using the best botanicals and spirits available. The beautiful purple-blue hue comes from the addition of hand picked butterfly pea flower petals and turns a magical shade of pink with the addition of an acid such as citrus juice. 

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