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Historic Size (Acres)


Longleaf pine forest once accounted for the second largest forest in North America, stretching from Virginia to Texas providing one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the world. 

Current Size (Acres)


Longleaf forests were decimated by logging for building materials, tar production, the reduction of natural burns, and the expansion of farmland. Now only about 3% of the original coverage remains with less than 5000 acres of old growth still alive.



A longleaf pine tree can commonly reach 700 years old if allowed to grow and avoids lightning strikes which are common.

Endangered Species


There are 29 identified species of animals and plants that are unique to the longleaf ecosystem that are currently endangered and are at risk of exinction without action.

Our Goal


Our goal is to plant 85,000 longleaf pine trees in Central and South Georgia in collaboration with the Georgia Forestry Commission and local farmers over the next 5 years. 

The Method


1 Bottle = 1 Tree. We pledge to plant a longleaf tree for every bottle sold helping to restore a lost ecosystem, support our local farmers, and create a carbon sink for our childrens' future. 

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