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The venetian

Golden Amaro

Like A Walk Through Time

Inspired by a centuries-old Italian amaro recipe, this unique spirit hasn't been made in generations until now. Like a wonderfully complex orange liqueur, its mild bitterness and soft pallet make it great neat or for cocktails. Try substituting it in for the orange liqueur in your next margarita or cosmo. 

  • Great neat or in cocktails

  • Part of our Historic Spirits Series 

  • All natural botanicals

  • No artificial colors

  • Gluten-free & vegan

  • Distillery Exclusive (for now)

the venetian

A spirit lost to history, the origins of this unique spirit go back to the island city of Venice in Northern Italy, dating back centuries to when each town had a signature spirit. Inspired by a list of ingredients found in an obscure Italian book for distillers, this amaro liqueur is unlike most other Italian amari on the market due to its lighter color and bitterness. With a relatively simple botanical makeup including citrus zest and cascara bark, The Venetian has proven to be a versatile spirit seemingly made for cocktails. 

Will and Hunter make this spirit in-house in small batches and finish it in ex-Bourbon barrels to pull out the true richness of its natural botanicals. Right now it is only available in our distillery tasting room, but we hope to have it available in a store near you soon. 

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